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Taking Action to provide the best real-time commentary in the bond and currency markets.

About Us:

Action Economics, LLC offers premium intra-day commentary for the fixed income and currency markets. The product features analysis on a wide range of global bond and FX markets, with a focus on central bank policy and market activity in the G7 countries. Economic reports incorporate an extensive use of graphs and tables that give the reader a quick and precise picture of the data, while analysis highlights both the immediate impact on the markets as well as the longer run implications for the economy and central bank policy. Commentary is available as a complete package over the web, at, or can be received via a variety of email products, including an update each morning on overnight events and intra-day emails on breaking economic and market news. All commentary is also available via html feed and white label options that can allow financial market participants to deliver timely economic news to their own client base.

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